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 (Harold F. Ison Jr.) ROCKY
  If I owe you money, You're not alone. Rocky Ison 
 illustrator, painter, Roofer and Bumb. Whom is driven by an  (incredible 1998 Nissan) His passion and  selfishness often  expressed  through, and  with only  a single finger.
    His  (H.A.M.S.)'80's( Hands Across Main St.) Rivaled and was more successful then { Hands Across America }.As it  showed a net gain. The Janitors Cup / Challenged the Pro's and Wanna BB's in the area of maintenance .. ( garbage sort ) Plastics glass allumimim ... Cord whind and unwhind / coffee carry ... are timed events.. Hammer toss was a tye breaker ...with Farm Aid,Live Aid why not Junk Aid.
 And don't forget the all American Rocky Look-Alike-Contest .     
Driven by greed ($15 dollars cash...) 1st place 
   Second Place = picture with Rocky in THE TOURIST TRAP !
 (3rd = 10 minutes in THE BIG CHAIR or $.25) .....  
When Rocky in 2000 ran for sherrif of Forest County ,, Hosted -
The Great Dounut Rebate and came close ! With the  slogan  (" Vote for Rocky Or Else""  Rocky a cartunest / simple ,. 
Rocky is single ! ???? . His use of vibrant colors and strong lines make His work an excellent target  for a wide range of insults. Rocky  is accomplished in using traditional uncaring relationships ( Friends First / Stepping Stone Later).. Artistic m  methods as well as modern crap. I have been asked to leave or tossed out of the LJB Library , And many fine establishments  across the nation. Often quoted such colorful frazes like " What the hell !"

Rocky  can create the perfect conveyance piece for any occasion , including:
   With discounts on these one time purchases ,  wedding vows , birth anoucements and Suicide Notes. Choose from Serious, Humorus or Despondent. 50 letter size  ONLY $999.00  plus shipping and handling ! With, Your choose of  font. Up to 50 medium words. Hard words are negosiable.   (LOT'S TO PICK FROM) 
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        The Badger Herald is on Break.
   So for the first time in years I use the,
            Weekly Madison Isthmus.
 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXSatisfy prophesy, prediction to an unknown
    Ordering rain, 8 days in advance.

 It was pouring rain at 6 A.M. then 6 P.M.
 It was the second storm that swept through the area within 24 hours after weeks of drought
Storm powers through area, floods streets, damages buildings
Wednesday evening flooded streets, ... throughout the Madison  Wednesday, July 18, 2012
Southern Wisconsin's drought upgraded to extreme
Madison get surprise rain showers. Dani Maxwell
Posted: Jul 18, 2012 7:32 AM
After suffering through the fourth triple-digit high of the year on Tuesday, Thunderstorms pounded at least parts of the drought-stricken region early Wednesday morning.

he's got the power  (to
commission), ROCK  OF AGES 
(Gunter ,gleiben ,glauchen, globen / Eeny, meeny, miny, moe ),After The Fire DER KOMMISSAR - he's got the power
We got the power  PYROMANIA - ROCK OF AGES 

  I ran as the Rock of Ages

  (Baptism of the Holy Spirit will also be baptized by fire, Matthew 3:11)
   Speaking in Tongues / Talking Heads (Burning Down The House / My House!) 
Second Congressional District
  "The winner of the primary will face
 Independent" Rocky Ison in Nov."

    I'm Not independent of God.
    Father, Son and Holy Ghost Party

Second Congressional District
 Candidate Forum |

3 Doors Down  There's another world inside of me That you may never see
#1 May 2003   When I'm Gone


 31 March 2003  
Piestewa was one of eight soldiers from the 507th Maintenance Co. listed as MIA . 5 other members were being held as prisoners of war. Since  being attacked in Iraq, Nasiriya on Sunday, March 23, 
 5 April Pfc. Piestewa, Pentagon listed as KIA  
  Dense fog developed early on March 20th, and dropped visibilities to 1/4 mile or less. The lowest visibility was 20 to 30 feet in Mequon (Ozaukee Co.). Air traffic was delayed or grounded at both Milwaukee's Mitchell Field (Milwaukee Co.), and Dane County Regional Airport
Ain't it foggy outside all the planes have been grounded.
   I drove from Wausau to Oconto, slow go.
       So foggy 2 hours to the office.
   Hand delivered and gone over with the ad  person. Everyone was talking about the fog submitted late after 4 o'clock  20 march 2003 I put (Ain't it foggy outside) at  the Beacon office adding  relevance.
Published in (Oconto, Forest  County (Beacon)
 24 March 2003, Monday
 Adjust view to 125% for better composition of copied print

 We'll run away, keep everything simple
Night will come down, our guardian angel
We rush ahead, the crossroads are empty
Our spirits rise, they're not gonna get us

Phenology - University of Wisconsin - Green Bay
We had some record high temperatures in northeastern Wisconsin on April 15

Record high temp April 15, 2002  The weekly Beacon
- Space Weather Gone Crazy
 Predictions of the String Theory
The Elegant Universe: Season 1, Episode 1 Einstein's Dream (28 Oct. 2003) TV ...

Oct 28, 2003 ...: X-whatever Flare! (X 28) · Sunspots on Parade ... Record-setting Solar Flares · sohowww.nascom.nasa.gov/hotshots/2003_10_28

 CNN Tuesday, October 28, 2003 Posted: 6:13 PM CST (CNN) -- One of the largest solar flares ... http://www.cnn.com/2003/TECH/space/10/28/solar.flare

Hours prior to arriving for the  first of the PBS, 3 part series. Discussed, and I presented equation.

 Timed for relevant reactions we watched news as CNN reported record setting solar flares.

 Then we watched premier of / The Elegant Universe  PBS. (6:30 PM CST)  Tuesday, October 28, 2003

NOVA | the Elegant Universe: Pt.1 / 6:30 Oct 28, 2003 ... PBS Airdate: October 28, 2003.  This is the world of string theory, a way of describing every force! 

Consideration coincided with casual demonstration

X-whatever Flare! - SOHO Hotshots   Just as solar scientists were ready to start breathing normally again, blasted off yet another mega-flare, starting at 19:29 UT (1:29) CST on 4 November 2003. ..   sohowww.nascom.nasa.gov  

1st run 6:30 CST   Nov 4, 2003...
wild predictions of String
Theory ? Aired November 4, 2003 on PBS .. www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova  NOVA | The Elegant Universe: Pt. 3 6:30 CST

 The most powerful solar flare ever recorded happened on November 4, 2003 / The Sun produced a flare so powerful that it overloaded the sensors on one of NASA’s Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites.
X28+ Solar Flare (Nov 4, 2003) - A Day in History - YouTube 
Nova: Welcome to the 11th Dimension ... Nov. 4, 2003.,,,

The Forest Republican was asked
  if I was making  accusations.
Clues To Alien Life May Be In Earth Rock;
Feb 13, 2013 - Clues To Alien Life May Be In Earth Rocks; NASA And Scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are helping search for evidence of alien life .. Edward Goolish, director at the NASA Astrobiology Institute, ... Wisconsin Astrobiology. (W.A.R.C.)
20 Jan 2015
First detected about a decade ago, Fast Radio Bursts pack more energy than our sun emits over hundreds of thousands of years. So far, astrophysicists have conclusively detected only 15 such events.With the help of the world’s largest steerable radio telescope, a bunch of researchers that includes a University of Wisconsin–Madison team.produced the first detailed portrait of a Fast Radio Burst -.wisc.edu/cosmic-radio-bursts- .-Dec. 2015
Come Sail Away, Point of No Return,   Wheel In  The SKY, We're All Alone / Gonna Fly Now

congress | PROFS
Independent Rocky Ison A general election candidate forum is planned for October. I didn't attend.  profs.wisc.edu
    Never shook hands to encourage     anyone to vote in congressional contest.

   my body lying somewhere in the sands of time
Below was placed in the Pioneer Express summer 2000
Only a man in a funny red sheet, got the sheets from  Dumpster Day's Looking for special things inside of me
Physicists wary of junking light speed limit yet - Yahoo News

GENEVA - Physicists on the team that measured particles traveling faster than light


  Oconto Beacon first one 2002 April 15 /
2nd 2003 March 24
    3rd / 31 March 2003 /
4th and last 14 April 2003 only 4 ads

       This is a translation of the events of 1 April 2003


  Central Iraq, 25 March 2003 Only the sand flew.
A Special Forces officer, who was protecting the group,    When a giant blackness came across the desert sky.
The officer tapped a colonel and pointed to the sky.  Generals and privates ran for their trucks and Humvees.
 ''It was biblical,'' said Col. Ricky Gibbs of the 101st .

The other five POWs did not know about Lynch surviving until after they were released. ... On April 13, 2003, 21 days after the 507th Made Contact
 There were only 4 Entries ever published in Beacon
 2002 April 15 was the first )  //  (2003 March 24 )  
  (31 March 2003) and the last was ( 14 April 2003 ) 

Springtime Heat: April 14, 2003 edu/doc/journal/heat030414.htm

pm cdt mon apr 14 2003 ...new record high

 Discovery of the stick by a man named Klub.
 Berd's reach became  the symbol of  defiance.
                             Above  2012               ROCKY
19 April 1989
 I was the first editorial cartoonist to bump,
  Jeff MacNelly from the Republican student  independent news paper.  The Badger Herald
The Editor said "Contrary to the right leaning papers mission, I was to funny not to publish."
  Above is a Winner Rocky-look-Alike contest.
Jan 17, 2014 · NASA has initiated a Comet ISON Observing Campaign to facilitate global observation of the sungrazing comet
    Videos of nasa ison comet / christmas comet




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