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I want this.     Rocky'sJunkBoutique.com


 I'm Rocky (Harold F. Ison Jr.)   is an  illustrator, painter, Roofer and Bumb. Whom is driven by an  (incredible 1991 car)  with 137,234 miles on it . His passion and  selfishness often  expressed  through, and  with only  a single finger.
    His  (H.A.M.S.)'80's( Hands Across Main St.) Rivaled and was more successful then { Hands Across America }.As it  showed a net gain. The Janitors Cup / Challenged the Pro's and Wanna BB's in the area of maintenance .. ( garbage sort ) Plastics glass allumimim ... Cord whind and unwhind / coffee carry ... are timed events.. Hammer toss was a tye breaker ...with Farm Aid,Live Aid why not Junk Aid.
 And don't forget the all American Rocky Look-Alike-Contest .     
Driven by greed ($15 dollars cash...) 1st place 
   Second Place = picture with Rocky in THE TOURIST TRAP !
 (3rd = 10 minutes in THE BIG CHAIR or $.25) .....  
When Rocky in 2000 ran for sherrif of Forest County ,, Hosted -
The Great Dounut Rebate and came close ! With the  slogan  (" Vote for Rocky Or Else""  Rocky a cartunest / simple ,. 
Rocky is single ! ???? . His use of vibrant colors and strong lines make His work an excellent target  for a wide range of insults. Rocky  is accomplished in using traditional uncaring relationships ( Friends First / Stepping Stone Later).. Artistic m  methods as well as modern crap. I have been asked to leave or tossed out of the LJB Library , And many fine establishments  across the nation. Often quoted such colorful frazes like " What the hell !"

Rocky  can create the perfect conveyance piece for any occasion , including:
   With discounts on these one time purchases ,  wedding vows , birth anoucements and Suicide Notes. Choose from Serious, Humorus or Despondent. 50 letter size  ONLY $999.00  plus shipping and handling ! With, Your choose of  font. Up to 50 medium words. Hard words are negosiable.   (LOT'S TO PICK FROM) 
U can  pick the color paper wth  three off whites to choose from  dull / rice /  cream  .. extra for glossy . But that's  not all !   There's  a  blank signiture space  making  this especially personal . Just sign and date  !!  Must allow 10 working days for delivery / All suicide note's must be paid in advance. Be sure to  ask about group rates !..................
. Not, yet available in stores.. Weight !, With  this online special, I'll wave the shipping and handling cost !.. And with three easy payments of only 333 dollars availaibe. Can't be matched .... Sorry  the {10% off everything you don't need}  doesn't  apply on  this special one time offer...Y pay more ? STUDENT DISCOUNT !  

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Military dating system  01/04/2003 / April 1st 2003
  EXTRA Large version of 31 March 2003 with "search for tomorrow" goto page Partly Home

27 March 2003 the above receipt  $27.50  
 And page from BEACON with the ad from
 31 March 2003 with all then future events represented , Can be inspected only with an appointment . have two pages of 31 Mar. 03

 BEACON MONDAY 24 March 2003 

 Hand delivered and gone over with ad lady every one was talking about the fog submitted late after 4 o'clock  20 march 2003 added Ain't it foggy outside at office adding  relevance
         this is the top    attacts at bottom left
Record high temps April 15 and 16 / 2002 = shelf and mail. Oconto Lake Shopper / Beacon is in stores monday the 15th and in mail box 16th, Valkano and other translations. never got put on (THE WALL)
 to difficult -- spelling looked like crap......


2012 » June PROFS
Jun14, 2012 ... The winner of the primary will  face Republican Chad Lee and Independent Rocky Ison. Posted in The state.

Not independent of GOD Rocky Ison

   (FATHER  Son And Holy Ghost),  Party


The Badger Herald is on break.

First time in years I use the Isthmus.



Ad is placed in order to credit God with Extreme Drought.
   Wisconsin State Journal (BELOW) No rain in forcast !



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