SAVE THE PLANET  Deport Immigrants.
                                                           NOTE was placed under my wind shield wipers.
    Only one economist  suggested to compete with China, Larger the population equals a better economy we'd.
           Have to starve to out do China's per day ? U.S. same as per hour  
     The more diverse population, does equal more crime. No safe neighborhoods . 
Why don't these people want to go home ? There is no place like HOME.

    This benifit to Mexico only benefits a less advanced people that cost U.S. citizens with Food Stamps / Public Housing / Medical treatments and Anchors . 
       And educating thier children that is said to cost twice as much as an English speaking U.S. Citizen's child . All at the expense of the Chinese that encourage  one child. 5 anchors per.  It would take two generations working night and day to pay back China .. 14 million illegal aliens plus 30 million anchors.
          Immigration has destroyed our economy.Crime is sky high in California,            Texas, AZ prisons are filled with Mexicans. 
    While.. Maine ,Vermont ,New Hampshire are happiest and crime is a minimum . 
Recognition ,status and a stable population is critical to reduce crime. 

   (Madison Celebrates the Difference) While Rape victims get no justice as many
  have no national ID Cards.THEN LEAVE U.S./ WI. OCT. 2011 HAD 5 CITIZENS
 First-degree sexual assault filed against 23-year-old Alejandro Gonzalez-Carmona.

   Believed to  have went back to Mexico. Small town WI. CROSS PLAINS. Hampered by language. Mexican
    People need a purpose for happiness ... An uniculturel society is most happy. Holland / Finland / Japan / China. / one race one faith

  There are more people in U.S. prisons then any where else.
California wanted to put the Mexican citizen in Jail in Mexico. Taxes collected don't cover law suits, hospitals, schools,Food Stamps crime. TRAMA ! Cost ?
 Most  immigrants get from the U.S. Goverment per year they can earn. Anchors cost $10,000.00 a year per anchor. And some claim dependents still in Mexico.

      In a1985 poll, 75 percent of U.S. Citizens wanted a moratorium on immigration.   
    Then determine the effect on the quality of life... dream space...2012 most asked said dream is gone.      
                              KEEPING PRICES LOW / AT WHAT COST

       I spent Christmas in Alabama.McDonald's and other fast food places and even high end resturants employed or have about half white and black employee's.

    WE always grew and picked our own , fruits and veggies . Never had gangs . Gang signs. I'd  rather have no fresh picked veggies than all the crime from third world countries have presented .       Myth's PhD's and Recipe's
The Madison Police Department is investigating the city’s first homicide of the year.  A 38-year-old man was shot and killed by a man to lazy or selfish to bring home free food. Food  pantries  are open every day ? And  at least 7 I know of and then soup kitchens.
The victim owned the House and had taken in homeless in the past. Edgar Salinas-Leal, 24, had fought with Darrell Ballweg, 38, over a refusal to share some lasagna, left the couple's bedroom and then returned with a rifle and shot the owner of the house , for not sharing . The killer's wife said it was self defence but the victum was on a video chat with friend /as he was deaf and they cleared up the lie's / the suspect - Mr. Edgar Ivan Salinas-Leal, age 24 - He Plead guilty  2008 for threatened a woman with Knife. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


After running over and killing their 2-year-old son with his SUV, Jesus Castillo-Dimas laughed at his former girlfriend and  as she knelt over the dead boy . 1 count homicide for killing Yandel Castillo-Castillo and three counts of attempted first-degree intentional homicide for trying to kill his ex-girlfriend, Maria del Rosario Castillo-Castillo, and her new boyfriend, Miguel A. Menendez-Ruvalcaba / All thought to be Illegal Aliens /   Looking evil. He's raising the bar.  

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