Here With Out You

        Sentence 120 days after cleared in sanity faze.  Trial Date was set for spring 2003 in Madison  / that is why I did the Words / cleared by Now ,  presented for publication  In The Oconto Beacon / Oconto and Forest County Co. The Jessica Lynch Saga / 24 March 2003 / 31 March 2003 and April 14 2003 . Was written in Wausau.
      I had been staying since 20 Dec. till 3 June 2003 / this was to be used at trial / I could show you through records. I was innocent , But convicted / spent Jan 20 2004 through march 27 2004 + 3 days  Bad  Behavior .
  lol  title ( Toast Master ) butter and slice toast + ( dishs / trays )  Got my Greens = a Dane Co. Trustee = 2:30 A.M. report to kitchen.  Change my Tune , Left God out of defense ,still  told the truth. Time is time...?  

,    , 3 Doors Down elevator  to Kitchen. Where I Got to listen and to the radio and the other Trustee's sing along with .
         Here Without You  The speaker was pointed at my corner , So the other trustees would serenade me arm in arm ..
 I cut and buttered toast  600 half pieces..
With access  to refrigerator anytime. After being selected for Trustee my popularity plummeted. Guys I played cards with said they thought they'd get the greens . They started making up shit 
Here Without YOU 


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