Madison's 1 Kill ??


What greater demonstration of an inability to perform at a level necessary in a job (driver) performance than killing  a Pedestrian. While having right away.  In cross walk with a walk light. Capacity… killing someone.
Not setting the bar to high. The bus driver is entitled to seek mental anguish compensation after the state determined there are blind spots for bus drivers.
 Unless the Bus driver is immobilized. Blind spots are negotiated?  It’s called driving.
So, state is responsible for both the dead pedestrian and any suffering incurred by the killer. And there for compensated. And for any preference given (extended) to the killer .Holding state culpable? Knowingly placing than maintaining an inferior applicant (driver) and disregarding public safety. You may feel this is necessary to achieve a goal. But, I feel killing someone is grounds for immediate  termination (Failing to comply with laws / resulting in death. I feel constantly amending criteria or facts to accommodate an opinion (meet and serve) a popular agenda isn't validated .

Madison Metro general manager Chuck Kamp said Grant  (pedestrian) was in the bus’s blind spot when she started crossing – and she stayed in the blind spot

This means:
A: Victim had to be vaulted by some unknown means. To attain an inhuman speed. 
  B: Driver going at super slow speed and pedestrian struck the bus... as both had eyes closed. 
  C: Chuck Kamp thinks everyone is stupid. 

 Bus was turning left from Lake Street on to University Avenue. Pedestrian  was crossing, obeying all traffic laws.

19 Sep. 2012 Still waiting lab results of  blood drawn of the driver in an accident. A  Reconstruction Report from the Wisconsin State Patrol. May 23 accident.
     When I went into  Emergency room  and with in 1 hour The ER MD  returned with DRUG TEST RESULTS ! Are they this backed up ? The driver chose to go through the park...across  where some  people were sunbathing very poor judgement. How ever not a posted speed limit  imprudent  speed produces a bad result.
         Any fatal accident can be irresponsible this warrants discipline. Procedural TICKET errorend established.

Madison Parks Department is  processing information of the incident of The Sun bathers death.

Megan O'Malley, called 911 and reported that a man had entered her home, said her husband's shouts of "He's a neighbor" were loud enough to be heard from inside the home. Madison Police  and Dane County District Attorney's Office release  makes no mention of O'Malley's efforts to inform Heimsness that the intruder was a neighbor.

To dumb to be called a cover up

   Including facts would only further confuse an  ignorant decision.  "I didn't put every statement into my conclusion,(This DA needs Lodgic  all facts are lent to justice. Here he's a JUDGE  = The DA job is to tell the whole truth.  there may be statements attributed to Mr. Heenan that are not in my decision," said Ozanne. "I didn't include it, but it's not that I don't think it wasn't important .
The victum was not a criminal It would make the DA look stupid and  the officer had to shoot the victum  3 times or dismiss another  statement

 Wray and Ozanne with they're limited intellect equals an injustice ( better to panel it to a well informed or more experienced. (or at least a Grand Jury) The format didn't fail. Definition didn't fail / (excessive force) Was apparent to any one influenced by facts. Rocky Ison


Quick Draw (Heimsness ) won't shoot any more unarmed neighbors ? /  Wray, Ozanne need to go too. When was this conclusion reached? After his unprofessional conduct was reviewed by the knowing public . Revealing police union head… and D.A. /  with / Chief don’t understand motivation behind laws /Its  Criteria to which they need enforcement  (PROTECT  And Serve ) Leadership needs intellect / and realize/  not validate you’re incompetence.  Do the right thing , Quit! Having less qualified in lead positions is not cause for celebration

Paul deserves a Grand Jury Petition /unarmed drunk smaller / 911 operator knew Paul was a neighbor told officer? patrol lights and camera should have been on to help awareness. the reenactment made mockery of disclosure/ Ozanne the the lef...t out facts that didn't validate his conclusion. Ozanne and Wray //// no way any man of average intellect would think this a justified action /// Wray unqualified as a Cheif. As a Cheif should be wise. /A decree from D.A. needs to be astute and forth right /// his appearence doesn't covey confidence and poorly worded misinformed dismisal of facts / the most educated city in USA has a poorly a exercised justice system //// Petition for a Grand Jury. Justise for a nice man. Madison paradise lost through ignorance.

Madison Police Chief Noble Wray said he plans no changes to his department's training or use-of-force policy following the MPD conduct manual OK. Ozanne or Wray don't understand the definition of excessive force.

  Unqualified can't see what's wrong with killing an unarmed neighbor /operator online told by neighbor 911 down graded / police insisted burglar after / D. A. omits key Witness Statement / Definition of BURGLAR: one who commits burglary. The police insisted to in a news cycle / D.A. has no basic understanding justice needs whole truth

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