Madison's Educated #1

    Madison, Wisconsin gets the highest marks as the most educated U.S. city. 2011
   In getting kids moving from Mexico and Chicago to Madison to graduate HS .When half of the college Grads can't find work to match theIr education. Importing Spaniards to address the language challenge, doesn't make sense.
      California (The Golden State?) was number one with methods  in education. In  the early '80s. Education and used basic computers.
 Here don't meet the average established by English speaking Anglo students. ( professional dedicated parents)

         Bilingual recipe equals better quality of life. At what cost. Enabling them a better understanding of the differences of a more advanced  culture. Resulting increasing crime rates. Addictions to substitute  for status. 
        Concern for the victims. The Bluest Eye / Felons to The Farm / why work when goverment degrades quality of life by paying the criminals rent . And no SAFE neighbor hoods. PERSUIT OF HAPPINESS  = is safety first.
 NOT send us your future felons .......  

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