Proffesional Christians
Christ never said pick up your pay and follow me.

I have attended many peace rallies Vietnam / Afghanistan / Desert Storm / even days before the Iraq war started. But the church I had attended 20 times over the years including the sunday previous. Had rallied to support Bush's Shock  and Awe or  deception and death. I couldn't stand the hypocrisy. I became vocal and never returned to services.With the exception of attending a funeral... People would talk mumbo jumble , then self interpret (Oh my Children eat your veggies) This church told a young girl you are  "receiving the spirit to often"

 Timothy Dolan, told  the pope and his fellow cardinals that they must spread the faith with joy, love — and blood if nessesary .

I think love and Joy only as a last resort.

The (Diabolical) Billy Graham.

When the Reverend  Billy Graham Planned to Kill One Million People.
Billy Graham turns over control to his son.

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