S.N.I.T.C.H. 6 Mar. 2013

I started it down Gainesville FL / S.N.I.T.C.H. Locally
Rocky Ison It was meant to be funny... It was bad there?  2 hour parking then It changed at 4pm. Events in the Park often  would use parking that Bars, Cafe's . Valet parking started a 4 P.M., people drinking often forgot to move car.
      Valet's would call in / I would set in city Park and watch. They'd  come out and car gone!
         They'd throw  pizza, Sandwich's / Burgers, Fries away etc.
     A local tow company would pay bounty on Illegally parked cars, to bike riders. So they didn't waste gas riding around.
            Latter found out towing  company that got the contract bid from the City. But, was charging way more then was   
                their  Bid. 
      Owners to recover the car .I think 30% more .Police and City could call in too. Wanted to start a volunteer Org .  
 Never could come up with  a word for T / shooting in Eagle Heights / police informed students TWEETER. LOCKDOWN
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