The Reel Werld

    Making it rain / and the Shower Man 
     Sold tokens to Camping race fans to shower .
       Then I retrieve them and resell. 
Hot Shower only one token or two.
Pretty good for a non-profit. I was told to keep
  count of the money.
 Every one else was on the honor system ... Some money was a no show ?
 I said making so much money on gate . 
     Why not free showers. Must have a ticket to access a shower inside the fence. 
  Tokens free ,no one cares / have to limit time and water use...All for the Drivers and campers.
   Only time the Race was rained out / Fall Run 101.
 3rd shift security /Mole Lake / 5:30 A.M.
 I see
 the sun coming up and funeral at dawn.  Princess of Wales 1997  / One Head Light
       Secret to a Rain making Song
 I wonder what it's like to be the rainmaker
I wonder what it's like to know that I make the rain
I'd store it in boxes with little yellow tags on everyone
And you can come see them when I'm...done, when I'm  Done
Hunting Decoy
The Department Natural Resources Wisconsin / Would put stuffed animal stiff or stuffed on a stick to encourage people to shoot IT. Often along or on the roadway / witch could endangered motorist or anyone else within range . A family man was arrested charged. And  He died of a heart attack. His fines totaled over  a thousand dollars.
    For degrading a ruse .Husband / young
 with 3 kids and he wasn't rich. I called into question the use of a decoy    in effort to encourage a violation of Game Laws.  Resulting in a hazard- Discharging fire arm on  The road Right of Away. If Some one had gotten killed ,who should be charged with Homicide.
Besides  Decoy /  Entrapment By Deception
Rain / Rio Linda Friday            Storm rolled through Calif.     UW-Madison CIMSS
31 October '14     Sacramento, Nov.29,30th
3 December 2014
 On the Yucaipa Ridge on the southern side of the San Bernardino Mountains they recorded 14.60 inches of rainfall
The Voice. 2014 Dec

And the seed needs the water
Before it grows out of the ground
But it just keeps on getting hotter
And the hunger more profound
Well, I know there can come tears from the eyes
But they may as well be in vain

 Make It Rain  
This page was started 24 Oct. 2014 added to along the way / you may have watched as I developed rain for California / just now rewriting this site / with better understanding and tools making it easier to read and correcting as much as possible.

Snow in northern Wisconsin, record rain to the south

Posted: Friday, April 10, 2015 --- 7:12 a.m. /Southern Wisconsin is dealing with record rainfall and flooding while residents to the north are getting another round of snow.Some schools, including Antigo and Crandon, are delaying the start of classes Friday as accumulating snow slows travel in northern Wisconsin.

NYC Gets Two Months Worth of Rain in One Day

Newark, N.J., was deluged by 6.40 inches of rain. This broke the old rainfall record of 1.11 inches set in 1999. ... May 7, 2015; 12:25 PM ET. BACK to advertising /BHonline

The storm, which is the first named storm of 2015, formed nearly a month before the Atlantic Hurricane season officially kicks off.

rocky ison

May 6 (2 days ago)
to Erin
When as possible / Time will allow , ASAP OK  Rocky

Oklahoma City ended the May 6 calendar day with 7.1 inches of rain, which blew away the old record for
the date as well as the wettest day in May.
Friday ,15 May 2015  Record rainfall has already fallen in southern California / San Diego International Airport measured 1.51 inches of rain in just about 90 minutes. A total of 1.63 inches fell on Thursday at Lindbergh Field, making it the wettest day in May on record.

rocky ison

10:06 PM (6 minutes ago)
to me
rain for another time / Oder of the Rock Of Ages Floodwaters deepen in Houston after city gets more rain 26 May 2015

rocky ison

10:11 PM (1 minute ago)
to rocky
26 May 2015 as of time indicated  / SUN Screen appropriate
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Sorry to have missed you - tried to call too.... Will let you know when I'm back but won't be downtown anymore as the Graduate quit offering the gov rate..... Too bad - really liked it here......
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On Sep 30, 2015, at 7:52 PM, rocky ison <rockyison wrote:
> didn't get e-mail until now / was
> on wall going to walk back now / safe journey , Rocky

            General Hansen is Back in Washington
Oct 02, 2015 · · Hurricane Joaquin intensified to an extremely dangerous Category 4 storm Thursday afternoon, and continues to hammer the central Bahamas with hurricane ...


Oct 03, 2015; 5:07 PM Torrential rains inundating seaside towns stretching from the Carolinas to New Jersey with five governors declaring states of emergency

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