now resumed comet Ison

 Scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison search for alien life. Extraterrestrial (Look Local, W.A.R.C.)

“NASA’s assets at Mars should be able to observe ISON because it will fly really, really close to Mars!” Green said

NASA Institute of Astrobiology Director Goolish ,
Okay “University of Wisconsin put together a way-cool
proposal. That  has priorities N.A.S.A .     Above many of the others put up proposals.

Digging The Dead 

 Goolish “One of the things we look for is the very best science. Wisc. is
doing state of the art work that is important.”
Feb 13, 2013 ... Scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are helping search for ET  ROCK'N  a Long time concluded with research / To be a Rock not to roll.. BIG STRING / when all is one Ison Comet

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