superman forever

     In the Closet at Laona WI.  LOL
   Jeff a friend from grade school. We went on many a journey , and was present at the unveiling of 
"I Write The Songs"
And, with his wife witnessed the composition .
I was told  that some people thought we were a couple. He was the most interesting person I ever knew, His perspectives from the same time as then, Made making sense fun.
 Ran with God Present and others. We talked as to conclude Speaking in an unknown Language  with understanding. I  was in love with Terri and Jeff with Barb.  (and others) last
I seen Jeff we laughed lots/ 1995 I was certain to return shortly.    May God Bless
12 10 2014  8:45 P.M.
  Teri and Carla are Home         
   ++++++++++++++++++++           1981 Double Fantasy 
 The first time I wore a scarf 
 Crandon Home Coming 1981
  Though Carla had worn  a Bow Tie before .Never a scarf .  Both wearing scarfs. Foreigner     Waiting For A Girl Like You  
    (Good Bye = So Long),
I've been looking too hard,
I've been waiting too long
 I don't know what I will find,
it's a matter of Time 
When you love someone,It feels so right,
I need to know if you feel it too
  I pen a letter and signed it;
   Pilot of the Airwaves
A title  from 1980

Here is my request You don't have to play it But I hope you'll do your best I've been listening to your show on the radio

  I was used to seeing Carla  every day. And Fridays 7:30 at Muscles Bar.I wrote a letter on the back of  All Shook Up.
By 9 PM. I was convinced she wasn't coming home from U.W. Superior Wi., She and a friend walks in of course.  
   She goes to the Juke Box and Plays All Shook Up ..By Elvis.    I was staying with friends  .. Soon I would be at the Hotel Crandon ( Free) I would room there for  years.

  Crandon Hotel Bar
   With a Black Calvary Hat. 
And  new Red Utility Scarf.
  God offers (The Star Cros )
 Upon Applets, Designations of The (Son) SUN on shiny a blue full length Jacket .
Quite a Vision.  Saturday
"the Word was with God"            Pretenders Show Me ,The meaning of the word.            You! With your angel face,
Keep the despair at bay, and send it away  Milky Way's still in your eyes.
   Welcome to the human race 
a hopeless case,

Real nice scarf 1984 St. Paul's Church Madison, Wisconsin State St. 700 Blk.

This Page will be HUGE 12 dec. 2014
"He's not human!"
        Going into a bar full of friends guys from the Neighborhood mostly 50 and older.
A Country Bar. And a large number of 20 something's.
      A girl from another town screams " "He's not human, he's not human." While pointing at me.Some ex-marines, Vietnam.
 A guy I had worked with and very close to.
    Spun back around on his stool, Shouts !
  " Can I get a beer ? "
  If I am anything, it's human.
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