About the Artist

  Fluffy a stuffed rabbit, Pet cat I named, County Truck with family Dog named Blacky , black with a white cross on chest. His picture is on my  Face book Rocky Ison       I  Born on the year after 1953, I was certain,  I was going to cry. Rocky  took to not talking to himself at first.. until  2 years old.  As soon as I was able to hold a crayon, I  broke it. Only to have  suffered the artist fate altered ego. BS / Throughout  childhood, I  developed an appreciation for the majestic surrounding dirt.  Often my sister  climbed in trees. I on the ground  for  while waiting for her to fall... Well more about ME...Dad called me Hard Rock and mom called me Rock a Bye neighbor boy hit me in the head with a rock. and later ..I  could climb Mountains hills and ladders .I sat on the roof top kicked off the moss . Been In LOVE all my life.Started to Roam  far from home = the neighbor was Sabra Ison. Great Great Grandma ( 101 ). I played in the muddied water..
Played the Honky-Tonk Like anything and as for The Sultans Of Swing , I was Hairy..

      1986 Rocky-Look-Alike contest
  Dropped 2 25 2017
     Gilligan's Island  = Skipper , Mary Ann , Ginger's Island  ,Thurston, Lovey ..SKIPPER'S ISLAND ETC.  signs . Professor missing  July 2000 , This cartoon first published coincided with first episode Survivor. Ad for my run / Forest County Sheriff 2000  

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