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 I lied there's nothing inside.
        June 3 2003 = I move back to Crandon WI
Hadn't seen Nellie since she and a friend followed me into Espresso Royale ,650 State St. Madison WI
        I just sat down at the last available table. When they stepped through the door , I didn't know the girl with her.
       They were the first ones in after me. No place to sit, I left. So they could have a table. I leave.
       I was staying in an old trailer (camper 17 ft.)
at  my former boss's Roofing ware house and sheds . With their home in front . I was invited to stay inside . But, I didn't want ever to upset them with my coming and goings .But did use the shower. And have coffee with them often.
still working / will finish
  Nelly gets Married the Sat.10th of July 2003
 Thursday hadn't seen Nellie since I don't remember. Sitting in a downtown bar few patrons. In came a bridal party I was seated in the middle of the bar . alone . they surrounded me 
     This I designed for a Bible study class and had made 8 / cost to me 6 dollars each, My friend making them used left over shirts Gave one to the members of the coffee clutch / Me and Carla's mom  Iola and her Aunt Patricia Abney
   And Arlet Steele Asst. editor of The Forest Republican. 
Learned to fear Jesus in a small town. Carla's mom paid for my coffee one time , commented on Rocky's Junk Boutique.
      I asked  "Are you a fan ?'' .. she answered 
    "Yes". And gave me an Idea for a design.
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