Rocky Ison 2010 / Union U.W.

     If  elected to serve The 2nd Congressional District as it's (Representative In Congress)
                                          (FATHER, Son and Holy Ghost) Party affiliation.
     The Second Con. Dist. currently has over 1 dozen employees  in Washington D.C. and 6 in Wisconsin / Madison 4 Beloit has 2. In order to apply online you must have an / This is validation as to you're / so would be considered. 

Knowing some one in D.C. a plus. Family or having lived there. Any validation you deem as applicable. And intellectual achievements / Veterans, National Guard, Students.
This is an opportunity ,
  This understanding  needs to be pressed. Lobbyist and be influenced by money. Hopefully D.C. Jobs will END! Change  to Voting  overline.  

NO! humorist. Steve Hawkings no one funnier than me, need apply .   

National I.D.Card's are essential . The social  decline of Europe. Many living on  fixed pensions.
  Then knowing we got IPOD's! Food Stamps, Subsidized Housing,They'll be visiting soon.
   SAVE THE PLANET = DEPORT IMMIGRANTS  //// Out of Afghanistan Now ///
Buffett Rule / Romney taxed 14% hasn't  made any U.S. Jobs to mention. Knows secret to though.

 $40 billion + first quarter profits for oil companies 2012
So let's buy them a 7 billion dollar pipe so they can put it on the international market Obama supports.

 WWII made U.S. Great / My Fore Fathers, not Immigration ...
 Immigration = Ingnorance = Poverity, Poverity = Crime

ROCKYISON@GMAIL.COM  / Jobs available Madison n D.C. / until closed
Ignorance isn't a crime / it is a component ///// PICTURE BELOW SPRING 2010


We lived in a one room house .           ROCKY
 Dad worked for the township driving
truck plowing snow ect..
We had central heat, a wood cook stove carried water for everything.
Had an out house to go-in unless below zero. Slop jar when nessesary.
We had everything , just like the grand parents. Grandma Jannie had a hand
 pump in her pantry... We grew and picked our own veggies.

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