Leader Of the Band-IRIS

  ANGEL too released PASSES /    She looked like the one that was hanging the hazel brush / then she called me by name.  Clearly happy , she'd wave to me when she was in my life.
 I've asked much. But only twice ever demand something of God . 1983 before the veil I demanded the Title Rock Of Ages. Then Der Kommissar is explained this time to make any sense in this life. I would not wait.
 I  awakened, by/? HEARING  it was midnight / then.

 Now by request , Listen to  this new release
 This is an to angels line straight from where  she left her share of this life earth on a bridge

I am not the person who is singing I am the silent one inside I am not the one who laughs at people's jokes I just pacify their egos I am not my house, my car, my songs They are only just stops along my way / I am walking on the bridge /I am over the water / And I'm scared as hell / But I know there's somethin better
Yes I know there's something  Yes I know, I know,  / yes I know
That I love
 Never paid rent at RJB So.Side 603 South lake ave.
Jak Schaeffer owned property. His wife Kathy made me Breakfast in their Corpus Christi TX  home. 
I was told by Jak / When I was done with the  (RJB
SO. SIDE) he'd have it destroyed. The WALL was  half way down.. OCT 24 2002 

  I watching the news. Coffee cluch time..1:30 pm  news was 3 tornado's had
touched down. Corpus Christi
     With hurrican Mckeena slated for arrival for the next day ..saturday . Life long friend .
    I spent 2  Xmas there (Coupus Christi) .

  I got to The Cabin Cafe seen
  The Wall was down.
Continued on to super market JaK owns. I see my friend with his new cast on...
How are you? "Got broken leg".How's Kathy? My old employer at Nursing Home.His wife. 
"Just got off phone with her". She called 911 when asked "The nature of the emergency"?She stated "under 6ft. of  water" .
Operator hung up ..Jac said Kathy, blamed him !
I told him  "I ended the seige". Went to cafe.
Told Dale and Doug too....
   I right the songs
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