Played it to the Beet

WARNING : HAZARD While crushing red peppers with fingers had to pee'
While touching unkel. Also known as
ARTWIRK. felt head burning !
Soaked unkel in cold water 2 hours / OKAY :)
thought about calling (911)

12 oz Drain Diced Beets from can ...
Any scraps of meat / 2 kinds three days old+ /or 3 packets catsup
Ramen noodles / or 3 packets of catsup
32 Oz's of canned beans / 3 or packets of catsup
medium onion / or 3 packets catsup
12 oz can of tomatoes / or 3 packets ketchup...
Red / fresh or dried pepper.. or 3 packets taco sauce
But I've heard one of you and I'm gonna make your head burn ...
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