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 For the easier comprehension use wide view.  (Both columns at once.) Read all 70 pages and be amazed. A moderate intellect required.
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    I wanted to give a demonstration.   He got a hurried bag, And best of my collection.


Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich                                                                                                THE SALES PITCH
There was no Photo shop but demo for  this type of {old paper I found } children’s ..... Some ink and pencil '60's common grade school .
Paper so frail never finished illustration.                                                               (R) Sales Pitch = Save article from fire!  So as to increase value.
 Rocky's Junk Boutique / North Lake Ave. Crandon was an Expression for Love . 1st one 1986 Rocky look alike contest the looks you give.

 DOUBLE  / THE CAPTAIN OF HER HEART  1987  she married Robby the last I knew she still Loved

she was never allowed to converse to me 999 pages u won't understand but you will know / Easter 2011 rocky

Forming advertising agency                                                GNP                                                                                                   Being  Dressed with  his Eye's
.. You published or should be, Students of life, what you contribute is what the pay is based on. No sales, 75% of profit to principles upon acceptance of folder. WORK at HOME, if you have one. Simple contracts Can  consider college grads and Red Heads.  NO PhD. Math Majors  If you've ever won a spelling contest,   

 Please Sr.’s and Jr.'s 18 to 99 ,,,Enthusiastic Hobbyist , I'm a published cartoonist we have a  house (poet). You need to be available For organizational meeting? Others, If, you don't understand this posting you possibly wouldn't be able to convey and promote effectively / any product. May God Bless Us..  Where: depends on the number of respondents. But, will be inside lol (Madison). Respond with E- MAIL... notify same. Bring your perspectives. (Pencil and paper required)::: Dream , Get into advertising ,Turn hobby ,dream to realization..

   EXXON Valdez                                                             Big secret                                                                                                                     Truth 
     1989 Largest oil Spill                           Safty First but can Leak /administration  leaks CIA operative ID.          Bush promises to fire anyone involved                        

19 April 1989 First editorial cartoon published Rusdi was the missing infidel on milk carton .
Exxon announced they would pay for the clean up and take the loss off their taxes, slow response.
Mexico had great expectations early that year. But never was able to export any oil in large amounts.
That's the North Shore Oil Lease - under the picnic table was set for renewal.  Alaska wipes / And tax payer hand is under table.

                            Original lost copy and copied                                   

  EXXON This is was the second Editorial cartoon published. =ABOVE =It's my birthday.  So I requested a fast one ! )  This cartoon was never published.
The first cartoon I did was in second grade art class /  a take-off, on { I just waxed that floor } [Johnson Wax] fast drying floor wax.. In the  TV commercial the family dog runs across a freshly waxed kitchen floor  the mother  exclaims " I just waxed that floor ! " So I placed an Angel instead of dog... never published / The first of  five submitted 3 were published ... My favorite I would publish years after the time recognition factor but was easily interpreted to realize the humor.

1986 August 9 / First Annual. Rocky-Look-Alike Contest..... Popular costume at Halloween too / and  local bowling team... simple sunglasses, scarf, hat  and bath robe or not ...
 A communication with respect ( LOVE )…( Double = THE CAPTAIN OF HER HEART  / SONGS FROM THE BIG CHAIR ) T
rophy's donated by her brother in-law.  Said I can have them If I could come up with a contest. Didn't like contest cause never won any.
QUESTION / What would you do, If,  Rocky spent the prize Money.....?  AND LOOKS =  The looks you give = $15 CASH ! 

John 15:13 Greater love has no one than this / first published indicating my being ROCK OF AGES (1987)  place here soon, GOD willing. 10 10 2012

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