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         Standard 30 day notice                                              1 June 2000
The Forest Republican,14 June 2000                       Remember The Days    
 Churning huge amounts of plasma around the solar surface and spewing massive loads of particles into space and toward Earth. The July 14, 2000, event, called the Bastille Day Solar Storm, was a turning point for scientists' understanding of weather on the sun.

14 June 2000
...Any historical solar storm voids contest.
         14 July 2000     The Bastille Day Event,      Halo Event

   info. at WI Historical Soceity Madison   THE FOREST REPUBLICAN
surve send'n
 Cause this is about LOVE, God, sends-prayer and fun.Some other ads in  2000  don't apply   to t-shirt contest / and involve death.  But am going to place more up latter.  Placed one a week in both papers...
  May 2000 But others more wordy and indepth.  Referenced in and placed in the  other weekly Crandon paper.
            $2 maybe 50 or more words = (5/5/00 P.E.) Pioneer Express lost most of those how ever.
   Most of the Forest Rebulican ads retrived from Crandon Library and WI Historical Society .
   So the dead line for ads to be placed in The Forest Republican is Monday 5 P.M. and first ones on shelf Wednesday noon... 
     There was flooding that knocked down the new library wall ...  Flannery Constrution got sued.
Court ruled not faulty construction . Insurance = Act Of God ,, But then i took credit by having had published a day before the rain ... a depiction with my seal on it. And than pointed it out...
       This took a lot of words so= Pioneer Express (P.E.) was used.

 You might say I knew ADIA would win.. this is no. And if life didn't have mystery, surprize, love madgic .. And as for using the universe as a love detector. If love was measurable..  would be in Light -ft.  or heart candles.  Energy deflection If she hadn't been  4 April would have no matter.. On the radio.. same time Big Bang TH. published so was heard that tree fall too. people I share love .

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