(Sun screen on nose,white.)

  First Big Chair below RJB  No. Side

The second Big Chair, Madison 438 North Frances St. no Pics do I have 1989 1990 after the  sucess U.W. adopted the concept offering 3 free big chair's Grads and wedding couple's are often Pictured in the three circa  2000 +, present at the U.W. Union one Orange one yellow and one inside painted like Wisconsin . I often used this as lost leader, And would place coupons in respective papers for discounts. U.W. hasn't offered. Free Monopoly game or a 997 peace puzzle as inducement . Was going into franchise options too.
    The introduction  of The Big Chair '98 at the So. Side / Pouring Home. 
      Was well attended. With former council member (Crandon) Bill Duff
Doing the honor of cutting the ribbon .Bill worked long and hard for economic developement . And Neals appreciation for The BIG CHAIR ,original.Now a relaxation expert witnessing - Neil Pence. Neal of the  LAZY N And M Ranch.
Both worked for my Dad, on Bass Lake cabin construction , me too (1970 ?)  I've  known Neil since '50's and Bill from the '60's and we've had coffee often.

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